GOP Debate Trolls Hillary Clinton With This Ridiculous WiFi Password

To login to the WiFi during tonight’s Republican debate, everyone has to take a stand against Hillary Clinton.

It’s no secret that the Republican GOP candidates have been doing everything in their power to attack Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and sabotage her campaign. (Does Benghazi ring a bell?)

But, this new stunt just goes above and beyond our expectations and … is actually kind of hilarious.

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In order to login to the WiFi during tonight’s Republican debate, everyone has to type “StopHillary” as the password, including reporters from left-leaning media outlets.

As petty and minor as this little dig sounds, it’s also pretty brilliant and totally indicative of the foolish antics the GOP has been involved in, including Donald Trump trying to tell Americans to boycott Starbucks, Ben Carson lying about his West Point scholarship and Marco Rubio saying he would have a beer with underage Malala Yousafzai.

Let's not even get started on the sh*t-show that has become Jeb Bush’s campaign. 

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While crazy GOP stunts are a dime a dozen recently, it just gives us more ammo to use when we make fun of them. 

Maybe they will have a successful debate for once, so they can actually have a chance at "stopping Hillary?" (But we won't hold our breath...) 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @bennyjohnson

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