GoPro Cam Captures Cyclist's Terrifying Vertical Drop – And Crash

What goes up must come down – hard. This is the heart-stopping experience of a fearless biker who braves a near vertical drop.

GoPro camera captures a daredevil rider’s terrifying vertical drop as he splashes into a lake. The cyclist tips his ride over the edge and looks directly down a near vertical drop, starting from the top of a steep drop, giving viewers a look at the water below. And then he's off.

"I can’t believe he’s still alive," one viewer commented on the video. Well, neither can we!

The footage was submitted as part of a competition run by GoPro and Pinkbike, a biking website, where entrants can win thousands of dollars for their outrageous bike riding abilities. The video was posted on YouTube by Primoz Ravnik, the daredevil himself. 

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