This Is What A Dad Did After His Goth Teen Daughter Was Bullied At School

His goth daughter was bullied for being different. Here’s what he did to make her feel more at home.

The first day of school after summer is an exciting experience for some students. However, it can be torture for those who are, well, different.

As kids head back to school, a German home improvement brand Hornbach has released a new advertisement that sends out a very important message: Even if some children appear different from the rest of the lot, don’t like playing sports or dress unusually, they deserve love, care and respect nonetheless.

In the 45-second commercial, after a Goth teen spends her whole day at school being bullied, harassed and name-called by other students and people on the streets, she returns home where her father is busy in preparing the most amazing surprise for his daughter.

Watch the heartwarming ad in the video above.

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Instance of Goths being bullied or even killed are, if not on the rise, still a serious problem.

Last year in Britain, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) decided to record crimes against “alternative subcultures” — which include Goths, punks, emos and metallers — as hate crimes.

The decision came in the light of the murder of 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster, who died after being repeatedly kicked in the head in a Lancashire park. It was later revealed she and her boyfriend were targeted for being Goths.

In 2012, “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks stated that she had a terrible time in high school because she dressed like “a bit of a Goth.” She told The Mirror:

“My school days were pretty unhappy. I had the worst high school experience ever. I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy. I was a bit of a Goth with purple hair and I was also part of the drama group, so my friends and I were all weird theater people and everyone just hated us. There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you. It was like something out of 'Lord of the Flies.'”

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