Dancing Grandma Can Do at 79 What Most People Can't at 19

June 1, 2014: Just one short of becoming an octogenarian, this grandma can still shake it like no other.

A one-off dancing performance from an elderly is a rare sighting in the real world but quite common online. A simple Google search with the terms ‘grandma’ and ‘dance’ will return a number of hits.

What we've got here in the video posted above is one of those oldies dancing their heart out. The difference this time is that the 79-year-old grandma named Paddy Jones isn't just dancing the salsa in the video above because she felt like shaking it.

This grandma is competing on the reality show Britain's Got Talent. She and her dancing partner Nico Espinosa advanced to the competition's final last night after winning three of the four judges' votes. The only hard-ass not to give them a vote of approval was of course Simon Cowell, but it's not the first time he has done that to an outstanding performance.

The song Paddy & Nico chose was Ricky Martin's up-tempo, salsa hit She Bangs.And boy, Grandma Paddy really did bang and boom on the song. The amount of flexibility she shows in the video is unimaginable for anyone her age. It makes one wonder if she is 79 or just 19.

Britain's Got Talent is set to take place on June 7, so be amazed by what this grandma does in the video above, but stay hungry for more next week. That's because she isn't finished just yet!

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