Grandma Sings Gay Marriage Song For Niece's Same-Sex Wedding (VIDEO)


72-year-old Sherri Gray, is a grandmother of eight and has written a gay marriage song entitled, “What If We Are Just Like You? (Shannon and Lisa’s Song)” for her niece’s same-sex marriage.

The description of the YouTube video reads:

“My niece, Shannon, and her fiancée, Lisa are getting married this summer... I wrote this song about equal rights not only for them but also for everyone who is either a member of or who loves a member of the GLBTQ community.”

Gray, who’s wearing "Straight But Not Narrow" sweatshirt in the video sings, “Some say we're different, that we're wrong, they want us set apart. We say we're equal, and we're strong, with human minds and heart... Like you, we dream of hopes and kids, and blessings from above and still so many shake their heads and say we should not love."

This video with a strong message from grandma was published in April but has just started to trend.

Listen her to the whole song in the video above.

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