Groom Responds With Grace to Mockery from Anti-Feminists

Meninists take issue with Feminist "outrage." When faced with Meninist mockery of a truly lovely moment in his life, new groom Adam Harris didn't get outraged: he responded with perfect grace and devastating indifference.

At the sight of his bride, Tisa, walking down the aisle, 23 year old Adam Harris couldn’t help but weep. 

“When I saw her,” Harris told Buzzfeed News, “I couldn’t hold back feelings of excitement and love. She looked gorgeous.”

Adam Harris, Meninist Tweet*

The couple’s wedding photographer, Dustin Finklestein, captured the moment for posterity. 
Then, surprising literally no one, the Meninists came to roost.

The “Meninist movement” claims to parody what Men’s Rights Activists view as unwarranted Feminist outrage. 

‘Meninist Tweet,' a twitter account affiliated with the movement, took the photos without the couple’s permission and reposted them with the caption: “He’s thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up.”

Okay. Let’s parse the implications behind this offhand comment. 

#1: It suggests that marriage to/a relationship with a woman equals a death sentence to a man’s freedom.

#2: It reiterates the casual notion that a woman’s value to men lies in her sexual capital. 

#3: It posits that men aren’t capable of intimate attachments (monogamous or otherwise) that demonstrate any depth beyond the desire for gratification. 

i.e. Men’s Rights Activists, in their casual, offhand rhetoric, do men a disservice.

Thankfully, Adam Harris, quick of wit and calm of mind, responded thusly:

“Or I was thinking about my wife, but you know, do you.”


Now, we're not one to throw our vote in with rampantly sexist pseudo-crusades, but we have to agree that Harris' response, the written equivalent of an eye-roll and a shrug, is quite refreshing. There's a lot in this world for Feminists to be outraged about, but there's only so much energy that we can expend. Sometimes, maybe we should just "meh" and move on. 

We wish the happy couple the best of luck, though, if Harris' level head and love for his wife are any indication of their strength as a team, we don't think they'll be needing it.

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