Many 'Open Carry' Supporters Are Targeting Gun-Control Activists And Their Tactics Are Despicable

A few supporters of the Second Amendment have resorted to disturbing tactics in answering their critics.

The progressive magazine Mother Jones recently reported on a spate of disturbing incidents in which advocates for gun control have become targets of harassment by supporters of so-called "open carry" laws and other gun-rights initiatives.

A woman paralyzed by gunfire, Jennifer Longdon, was spat upon in an airport after her assailant saw her speak at a televised press conference hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety.

Even more troubling, one night when Longdon was headed to her front door, a man stepped out of the shadows, pointed a water gun at her and sprayed her with water. Them he told Longdon, "Don't you wish you had a gun now, bitch?"

In Texas, a woman called police after seeing a group of armed people waling alongside the road. The gun-rights group Open Carry Texas publicized the woman's name and other personal information in a YouTube video. Also on YouTube, a Florida man delivered a disturbing message (above) to "Moms Demand Action," which supports various gun safety measures.

It's thing to be passionately pro-gun, but intimidating people who disagree with you is obviously beyond the pale.

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