Guy Asks Out Girl With Modern Paper Whatsapp Message

Love makes people do a lot of crazy things. This guy, however, took asking a girl out to another level of creativity entirely.

The internet has seen a variety of proposals and creative ways men have implemented to ask out their favorite girl. From flash mobs, to singing songs and taking the girl out for a fancy date, they’ve done it all.

But this young man is showing us that all ways haven’t been exhausted and there’s still more exciting stuff to come.

Naomi Lucking, an English major studying at the University of Southampton, London recently got asked out by one of her admirers in the library, and that too in the most creative manner.

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The prospective suitor walked over to Lucking and gave her an envelope that contained a Whatsapp message. Yes, you read that right! The envelope contained a paper that was designed like a Whatsapp screen and also had a hand drawn simulated message exchange.

One of the options the boy provided on the paper for Lucking to answer with stated: "No thanks! I have a 7 ft tall boyfriend :)."

Sadly, his worst fear came true and his crush responded with, “actually, he’s 6ft 3” and subtly turned him down.

Lucking shared her rather interesting experience on Twitter as she tweeted the above and even went on to add: "it was the most awkward experience of my life. 10/10 for creativity though."

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