Man Gets His Lost Wallet Back – 14 Years Later

What goes around comes around! Ivica Jerkovic from Croatia was shocked when a wallet he lost years ago was rightfully returned to him, according to Stupid News Network.

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Right around Easter, Jerkovic received a package in the mail, containing nothing other than his wallet. Inside the wallet was more money than was in it when he lost it 14 years ago.

When Jerkovic lost the wallet, it had 1,000 Euros in it. But when he opened the package, he found 1,440 Euros inside. 

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Jerkovic thinks that the anonymous person who returned his wallet probably returned it "with interest," after most likely needing the money. Or, the 1,440 represents the 14 years his wallet was missing. 

Jerkovic does wonder the person who had the wallet kept it as long as they did – unless that was how long it took them to come up with the money to pay him back.

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