Guy's Amazing Reaction After He Sees Wife First Time After Surgery (VIDEO)


We’ve all witnessed people acting weirdly after anesthesia but this is priceless. This guy comes out of anesthesia from a surgery and sees his wife and gets bowled over by her. All over again!

Literally! He has no idea who she is; just that she is the hottest woman he has ever seen. He can’t believe his luck. And that is before he is told that she is his wife and he is actually married to her!

Till this day, Jason Mortensen, the guy in the video does not remember what happened. But he does value his wife and writes, “This was my fifth surgery within our six years of marriage and she's been by my side through all of it. In a previous surgery I suffered a severe complication and we didn't know if I'd ever function the same again. She is the love of my life.”

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