Guys Plumb Friend’s House with TUI Beer In An Epic Prank (VIDEO)

A bunch of guys decided to play a joke on their friend Russ, but unlike regular pranks, this one involved copious amounts of beer. The idea was to plumb their friend’s house with Icy Beer. They set up several kegs of beer under the house and exchanged the house’s water plumbing with beer kegs with a lot of effort. To capture their friend Russ’ reaction they rigged the whole house with a lot of hidden cameras.
And they did manage to capture Russ and his partner’s reactions pretty well! His face was priceless as he saw beer pouring out of every tap from his house be it the kitchen or the bathroom.
We think the video is good enough to be used as a TUI advert – the brand of beer which Russ’ friends plumbed the house with. Check out the video above to see how they did it. You can also check out this video to see the entire plan from the beginning to the end.

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