Happy Dance: The Netti Wedding includes the Harlem Shake

The Netti Wedding in Salem, Ohio takes a hilarious turn just before the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife.

Just when I thought I couldn’t another Harlem Shake video showing up on YouTube, this endearing little gem caught my eye.  What better way to start your morning than with a feel-good video of comical wedding dance?

The bride and groom have just locked lips when seemingly out of the blue the ceremony abruptly stops and the music starts to play…

According to Fox 8 News in Cleveland, this video was captured by church usher David Seymour who set up a camera at the back of the church this past Sunday at the Salem First Friends Church.  He notes on the YouTube page for this video that Nate and Abby Netti are “one of the most fun couples you will ever meet.”

Netti Wedding Harlem Shake

Netti Wedding Harlem Shake


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