China's Harsh Reality: Robot-Like Workers Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This is a very impressive video. You can't help being amazed watching it, unless you realize the reality of what you're watching.

The worker is fast, efficient and extremely productive, not to mention impressive. Until, of course, you realize what a day in the life of that robot-like worker, who happens to human, might be like.

And that’s the precise moment a chill runs down your spine.

China can be a nightmare for its workers. Stories of pregnant and underage workers putting in 66-hour weeks and employees committing suicides are common.

In 2012, seven children younger than 16 were found working in the factory of HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co. that makes phones and DVD players for Samsung. They faced the “same harsh conditions” as adults and were paid only 70 percent of the wages of other workers.

Two years later, not much has changed. According to Samsung Electronics Co.’s latest sustainability report they are still struggling with poor labor conditions.

Things at Foxconn, manufacturers of Apple products in China, are not much different. Dozens of their employees have jumped to their deaths or tried to do so over the years. The Taiwan-based company has been besieged with reports of poor working and living conditions for its workers at factories and dorms. To deal with that, the company installed nets in 2010 to prevent such deaths after the spate of suicides.

The shameful and inhuman way China treats its workers is only because big brands, the likes of which include Apple, Samsung and others, still bring their businesses to the country.

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