Have A Pint, Change The World At This Nonprofit Pub

Here’s a pub that proves a pint can change the world for the better.

Oregon Public House is a unique pub that donates all of its profits to local charities.

The idea came to Ryan Saari, a minister by profession, who wanted to transform the solitary act of quietly donating to a celebration of helping the community and those in need.

“Have a pint, change the world” became Oregon Public House's motto.

“I was primarily inspired by a general desire to be a part of the good that’s taking place in our city,” says Saari, “and trying to figure out a way to do that, with literally no resources of our own.”

The idea took time in becoming a reality but mostly because the work was all done by volunteers willing to lend a hand.

Brick by brick, the pub came to and finally opened its doors to the public a little over a year ago.

And it’s not just all charity and donations; the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the food refreshingly delicious as well.

“We want to see people building relationships with one another,” says Saari. “We want to see communities established. We want to see people doing something together that are greater than themselves.”

Where there is a will, there’s a way and Ryan Saari’s dream project coming true is a great example of it.

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