The Social Media Song That Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Check out the song that is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

This has to be the most socially awkward songs ever and to think that it was performed at the Social Media Marketing World Convention is the worst part.

We owe this insufferable ‘eulogy’ to social media to one Mary McCoy from Continuum Marketing Services. To give her credit, she probably believed she was singing a humorous theme song for this year’s convention.

If you manage to get over the absurdity of the performance, you’ll see there is a point to the effort – a question in fact: "Have We Lost the Social in Social Media?"

Here are some parts of the song that stuck:

I'm showing you things you'll like
Trying to get engagement
Here's some photos from my life
My cat, my kids, some bacon”

I'm hoping you'll share my stuff
And tweet it to the world
If you help me grow my Klout,
I promise that I'll share yours”

On and on it goes till realization hits:

“Hey now y'all, can we just get real?
Do we care about our fans or is this just another deal?
Said another way, have we lost our way?
Social's about the people, remember they are people
Do we really need another fan, like or share?
Do we need another post to show up everywhere?
I hope as we scatter we never forget
That our posts live forever even when we go to bed”

The organizers of the convention promised the event would be ‘a conference that offers outstanding content infused with a truly social experience.”

We’re not sure about the rest of the event, but suffice to say, this awkward song is an epic fail.

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