What This Town Did For Their Hearing-Impaired Neighbor Will Move You To Tears

Grab some tissues – you will need them after watching this video.

A hearing-impaired Istanbul resident named Muharrem had the surprise of his life when suddenly one fine day, his entire town greeted him in sign language.

The heartwarming video is part of an advertising campaign to promote Samsung Turkey’s video call center initiative, which enables easier communication for hearing-impaired people.

Muharrem’s sister Ozlem worked together with the production crew to help the whole neighborhood learn sign language just so he could have “one day with no barriers.”

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It took almost a month to prepare for the “Hearing Hands” ad – from teaching residents sign language to setting up cameras around the neighborhood.

However, all that hard work paid off when an overwhelmed Muharrem teared up with happiness when he learned the truth.

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