Here's How McD's Makes A McRib. Yuck Or Yum?

To counter bad publicity, McDonalds has released a new video.

A photo of frozen, grey McRib meat made the internet rounds and quickly went viral. Reaction across the web was uniform - GROSS! 

Now the fast food giant is trying to counter that image and show just how the McRib sandwich is crafted.  The video is part of a huge campaign launched last month to prove to consumers that McDonald's food isn't over-processed and filled with fillers. 

The company invited high school teacher Wes Bellamy, who had tweeted about the photo, to visit the McRib factory in Oklahoma City. 

"I'm a skeptic," Bellamy says. However, at the end of the video he's chomping away and asking for seconds. 

What do you think? Does this PR piece make you want to head for the drive-thru or run for the hills? 


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