Here's How Rebel Wilson's Police Brutality Joke Backfired Big Time

Comedienne Rebel Wilson has ruffled many feathers by making a totally unfunny joke about police brutality during the MTV VMA's.

Actress/comedienne Rebel Wilson is usually really funny with her witty remarks and shameless demeanor, but there might as well had been crickets last night during the MTV Video Music Awards when she made a discomforting joke about police brutality. 

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Wilson acted out a brief skit while she presented the award for best hip hop video during which she wore a police outfit and said, 

"I know a lot of people have problems with the police, but I really hate police strippers." Following that comment she ripped off her costume to reveal a "F**k Tha Stripper Police" shirt.

She then went on to joke about getting her grandmother a police stripper for her birthday and being disappointed that he didn't "feel her up" and she added insult to injury by ending it with, "I hate this injustice." 

During the whole skit there wasn't much laughter, just a dull roar of chuckles and then a loud applause and some catcalling when she pulled off her costume to reveal the shirt. 

But, viewers definitely didn't let Wilson off easy with the insensitive joke as they took to Twitter to express how inappropriate it was. 

The joke just wasn't good all around and presenting the best hip hop award was probably not the best time to make such a joke considering most of the nominees in that category are Black and Black people are the ones currently and historically most affected by police brutality.

I think it's safe to say that Wilson didn't mean any harm, though. She made a bad decision, but not with malice.

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Comedians are known for taking pain and mistreatment and shedding light on it to help cope...but it's normally their own pain or situations they can relate to personally that they use for material.

Wilson overstepped her boundaries a bit by referencing something she evidently knows nothing about, because if she did...she would have known not to do that skit.   

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