Here's What Disney Characters Would Do If They Had Instagram Accounts

Who says Disney characters are immune to the worst excesses of Instagram culture? Just because they're magic doesn't mean they're duckface-prone.

We've seen theories about what Disney characters would act like if they had smartphones, but what about Instagram specifically? Would the selfie culture get to even the most modest among them? Would they indulge in old favorites such as photobombing, duckface, and bathroom posing?

Inquiring minds want to know, and luckily for them, Italian artist Simona Bonafini has a vivid imagination, and some serious talent to boot.

1. Belle would use Instagram to subtly boast about her superior reading list

disney instagram

And Gaston would wonder why there weren't more pictures in those books.

2. Sisters Elsa and Anna's selfie game would be on-point.

Anna's selfie,

And Elsa would venture a bit of duckface, because the casual derision of netizens never bothered her anyway.

3. Quasimodo would probably photobomb an overly-amorous Cap Phoebus and Esmy.

disney characters instagram

And Victor Hugo would get in on the party, too.

4. Cinderella would have an Instagram dedicated to fairy godmother bling (and probably a Pinterest, too).

Modcloth's got nothing on these kicks.

5. Hercules and Ariel would swoop in with the obligatory glamour shots, complete with flattering filter.

disney selfies'disney characters instagram


6. Surprisingly, Gaston would manage to refrain from vamooshing his shirt.

disney selfies

Who woulda thunk?

7. Jasmine and Aladdin would flaunt their nauseatingly perfect love, complete with attractive camera angles.

Disney Characters Take Selfies on Instagram

Genie's gotten sick of being the third wheel and left the frame.

8. Alice would document her trip to Wonderland with an album's worth of overeager group shots with the locals.

Disney Characters Took Selfies

#GuessWhoIRanInto? #MaddestOfHatters #AlicesAdventures

9. Wendy would use a group shot as an excuse to show off her cool new iPhone cover.

Disney Instagram Selfies

She bought it on an Etsy store you haven't heard of.

10. And the Evil Queen would give the Kardashians of the world a run for their money.

Disney Character SELFIES

Work it.

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