Mysterious Rich Man Has San Francisco On A Scavenger Hunt

An anonymous man has launched a social media scavenger hunt by leaving $100 bills around San Francisco for adventurers to find. He’s calling it his 'anonymous social experiment for good.'

He created an account on Twitter called HiddenCash and hid money around the city. Anyone able to decipher the clue can pick up the $100.

Matt Burkurt was one of the lucky ones to find an envelope.

“Stand on top of the Caterpillar that's close to the water,” read the hint that sent Burkurt searching. He found his reward tucked into a bulldozer parked on Lincoln and Great Highway near Ocean Beach.

Burkurt embraces the fun, mystery and excitement of the game. “People like to be right, to find clues and follow something to the end. Find something that nobody else has found yet,” he says.

Here are some further clues:

And here are some of the lucky winners:

Though remaining anonymous online, the person behind Hidden Cash is not too shy for some publicity. He called a local channel, and without giving them his name, shed some light on the idea behind the scavenger hunt. The mystery man said he made a lot of money through San Francisco real estate over the past few years and wanted to give some of it away.

“The last real estate deal I did I made about half a million dollars. I can afford to give a lot,” he said.

He has been giving information through his Twitter account:

He also doesn’t mind the promotion:

Perhaps that's a clue the mystery benefactor has more elaborate plans than he is letting on right now.

Let’s wait and see.

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