Hidden Cash Giving Money Back to People

First San Francisco, now New York – this social good experiment is driving the country bonkers.

This social good experiment being dubbed “the ultimate scavenger hunt” (and for every right reason) is probably the craziest way of giving “money back”. Jason Buzi, a Californian real estate investor who made it super rich has come up with this ingenious way of giving money back to the community.

Hidden Cash

He started off with San Francisco from his anonymous Twitter account, but is now spreading his scavenger hunt to other major cities like Chicago, Vegas and New York – the latter being next in line.

Check out how San Francisco received the @HiddenCash hunt 

It's easy – on the day of the scavenger hunt, Twitter users are expected to say logged in and follow Hidden Cash's account. The clues can come at any point and whoever reaches the hidden cash first, obviously wins it. So not only do you have to be awake to read the tweet, but also fast enough to get to it.

His first clue for NY has already shown that New Yorkers are all ready to get their hands on the cash:

HiddenCash hunt took place in Vegas on Friday, and will take up New York on Saturday while Chicago on Sunday. Only this weekend will tell where this will take the Americans.

A quick search on Google shows a HiddenCash Twitter accounts for other countries too. Watch out, this might just open the doors for a lot of fake accounts sending people across major cities of the world running around looking for cash that doesn't exist – and what a riot that would be!

It wasn't fake but last week someone had a Marijuana scavenger hunt via Twitter in Canada too.

Call it a very successful popularity stunt, a super cool marketing campaign or a very silly idea of giving money back to people, this campaign is definitely cut out to run people bonkers wherever it reaches. 

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