High Schooler Sends This Amazing Message To All 1,076 Girls In His High School

This high school kid sends a Valentine's Day card to every single girl in his school.

In one Oklahoma High School, all 1076 girls attending the school received a Valentine's Card from an anonymous guy. 

This year, all the girls are Glen Coco. You go Glen Cocos! And nobody was Gretchen Wieners. 


I think we all remember those painful high school days when Valentine's Day was just a day to remind yourself how awkward and ugly you felt. I mean, there's only so much you can do to make those braces look cute.

Which is what makes this story so feel-good awesome. For once, you didn't have to be popular or one of those early sprouters to get some love on Valentine's. This kid sent around a note and some candy to every single girl at his high school to let them know that they weren't fogotten. 

Boy Sends 1076 Valentines

He reported that he had to work for months to save up enough money so he could ensure that every girl got one.

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Watch the video below to get the full story. 


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