Hijab-Clad Woman Brilliantly Shuts Down Anti-Muslim Protesters

Cierra Bailey
A brave Muslim woman stood in front of an angry crowd of anti-Muslim protesters in Belgium and took selfies that promoted peace and shut the haters down.

muslim woman selfie, Zakia Belkhiri

A Muslim woman had the ultimate “clap back” against anti-Muslim protesters outside of the third annual Muslim Expo held in Antwerp, Belgium.

As the expo took place featuring a line-up of panels and workshops, crowds gathered outside the expo center with signs that read “Stop Muslim Fascism.”

Zakia Belkhiri, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman, shut down the haters by stopping in front of the protesters to snap cute selfies as hateful people stood looking confused behind her.

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According to Mic, the protesters were a part of a far-right Flemish nationalist group called Vlaams Belang. One of the group’s members expressed his concerns over the expo, offering insight into the narrow-minded beliefs of his comrades.

"This Islam fair is an apartheids fair, where they preach segregation instead of integration," said Vlaams Belang member Filip Dewinter. "People here want only one thing: to expand the influence of Islam in Belgium. If you want to know how young people become radicalised, I advise you to visit this expo."

An on-site photographer named Jurgen Augusteyns was taking photos of the event and was able to capture Belkhiri in the moment snapping her selfies with her peace sign held up.

Once the internet got ahold of Belkhiri’s brave and powerful photos, she received an outpouring of support from social media users who expressed solidarity with her. Several people offered words of encouragement and retweeted her images. 

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @bellastieren