Hilarious Parody Show What Happens To Disney Princesses After ‘Happily Ever After’ (Video)


May be happy endings are not that happy in real!

We all have grown up watching Disney movies. No one’s life was actually complete without watching these fairytales. Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella and Belle, all became dream girls for boys and all girls dreamt to marry a loving prince in future. Our childhood was awesome!

Anyway, have you ever the romances and the princesses that inspired our whole generation, what happened to them after ‘Happily ever after’? Life isn’t about a prince charming kissing you and waking up from dead. Right?

YouTuber,  Jon Cozart, aka "Paint couldn’t resist thinking over this reality and ended up creating a hilarious video in which he has all the answers.

P.S. He is an amazing singer.

Watch the video above that describes the future that awaited these ‘Happily ever After’ Disney romances.

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