Spelling Mistakes By Children Will Make You Weep With Laughter

July 2, 2014: Kids say all kinds of crap – some of them turn out to be incredibly funny.

Not only are children cute and fun to play with, they also are the source for some of the funniest stuff ever. Sure, they're not intentional but the end product will have anyone cracking up in no time.

Here are seven such instances where children have made unintentional spelling mistakes, not knowing what their errors have made the leftover text look like.

No matter what your family is, there is nothing but love for them.


If that's true, Mrs. Edwards must also teach chemistry.


Don't expect to get an invitation from Kurt for his birthday bash.


Mama! Please behave!


We doubt that anyone knew of Buzz Lightyear's hidden talents before this.


Your House will be missed...


The Great Emancipator will not be amused with this.

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