'Why Is Every Guy So Effing Creepy?' Hilarious Video Many Guys Will Relate To


The video of girls leaving average guys for good looking creeps is funny but also too close to reality. It shows what a nightmare  many guys face, wonder and get frustrated about. No one really knows what a girl wants, sometimes, we think, not even girls themselves. What a woman wants remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Here’s the paradox broken down in two simple points:

  1. They want a good guy who cares for them, is decent and can give them a fairly secure future
  2. They always, always, always fall for the sexy devils, ignoring all they ever wanted as well as what their gut is telling them.

So it leaves the guys, the good-at-heart-respecting-their-women-cat-loving-taking-the-trash-out guys wondering what the ‘&*^%!’

And so goes the experiment: the girls let the average looking well intentioned guy know they are ‘oh so not interested’ and get him shuffling away shamefaced and dejected. At thevery next instance they fall for the slick, handsome, yet extremely creepy guy, leaving the first one bewildered about what they want.

The look on his face is one that many of his bros would relate to. But this is one thing they will never be able to work out.

Debi Berndt, from YourTango.com, explains it as best as she can,“We think it's chemistry when the fireworks go off, but what's actually happening is that your inner drama queen is having a field day. You're bored with the nice guys and crave attention from the man who acts disinterested. Most people think they will never have chemistry with someone "nice" and that could very well be true. If you don't change your mate selection mechanism, you will subconsciously choose the same heartache every time. “

But girls will be girls and boys will be boys and nature shall forever run its course.

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