Hillary Clinton's Campaign Just Trolled Latin Grandmothers For Votes

Hillary Clinton wants young Latin voters to think of her as their "abuela" but her campaign staff published a condescending article that completely missed the mark.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign just trolled Latin grandmothers in a tacky attempt to relate to Latino voters.

Her campaign team posted an article titled, “7 Things Hillary Clinton Has In Common With Your Abuela” (abuela=grandmother).

The article was a poorly-executed way to outline how Clinton has similar values to Latin women in her age group who would be the "abuelas" of young millennial voters.

The article had the complete opposite effect; instead of bridging the gap it came off super offensive and a little racist — proving that although Clinton may be a grandmother, she is certainly nobody's abuela. Her cultural compass is clearly broken.

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The article included some bits of Spanglish, such as several references to “el respeto” in addition to some obnoxious gifs and a picture of her “reading” to a child who is not at all related to her in a classroom underneath the heading “She reads to you before bedtime.”

To top it all off, the piece concludes with a super cheesy and random photograph of Clinton with Latin superstar Marc Anthony.

How many regular peoples’ abuelas get to actually stand on stage with Marc Anthony? Does Marc Anthony call Hillary Clinton abuela? 

So many unanswered questions …

Below the photo is a place for you to sign up for email updates about her campaign, which they refer to as “abuela updates” (side eye...).

The campaign's attempt at a knock-off Buzzfeed listicle just didn’t seem genuine. It was more or less a corny, lighthearted outreach strategy that fell short.

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There were no real cultural connections or references to important issues, just some cringe-worthy stereotyping in a terrible attempt to be humorous.

What’s worse is that the people of Latin descent on her campaign staff are actually allowing this embarrassment to happen! 

This isn’t even the first time Clinton has been accused of #Hispandering to try to engage with the Hispanic audience.

A previous post on her website “Six Things You Didn’t Know About Hillary Clinton” had the same disconnected tone but it was also written totally in Spanish with no English translation, as if her staff is somehow unaware that a very high percentage of Latin Americans speak English proficiently.

No one seemed to really be amused by the stunt. The Twittersphere has actually obliterated Clinton for the abuela article under the hashtag #NotMyAbuela

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