No One Could Pass Up Recycling With This Clever, Animal Saving Bin

This is how you kill two birds with one stone. This genius idea hits two social issues at once: environmentalism and homeless animals.

A Turkish company, Pugedon, designed a recycling bin that rewards recyclers by helping the stray animal population. It's simple: Insert your water bottle into the recycling bin and a pre-set amount of kibble falls into a bowl below for a homeless dog.

Anyone who has water left in their bottle can pour it into a tap in the machine to fill the dogs' water bowl. 

Don't worry, feline friends, cats can also get in on the action. 

So many cities, including Istanbul, where Pugedon's machines are based, have rampant stray animal problems. While this isn't a long-term solution to lowering the homeless pet population, it shows compassion to animals living a pretty hard life. 

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