A Man Wants To Show You What It’s Like To Be Homeless In The U.S.

The harsh realities of being homeless, as reported by Sandy’s video blog.

Meet Sandy, a homeless man in Austin, Texas. He asked friend Joseph Costello if he could borrow his video camera to make a v-log of his daily routine. 

When talking about how he feels, he said, “I don’t really feel good. I'm a homeless guy, which puts me with alcoholics and the narcotics users. And I have a degree in computer science. And I've never been an alcoholic. What happened was when I was 24 years old, I joined a church. I was a very devout Christian at that time. And it was one of those mind-control groups [where] nobody gets out until you're completely crazy.” 

The video highlights some very real issues that homeless people face, such as dealing with the cold and needing to use the bathroom.

Since his v-log went online, supporters set up a fund to help Sandy.  

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