This Is What Happened When Homeless People Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Another version of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets will break your heart.

In a new version of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular “mean tweets” segment, homeless people are asked to read out cruel stuff posted about them on the Internet. The reactions – to say the least – are truly heartbreaking.

The clip was filmed as a public service announcement by creative agency Leo Burnett Toronto for a new initiative #HumansForHumans by Raising the Roof, a Canadian organization that supports long-term solutions to homelessness.

"Maybe if homeless people took care of themselves, looked pretty, we would want to help them," Kubby, a man who has been homeless for 47 years reads in the video. "I don't help yellow teeth."

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"Never understand why homeless people smell of piss when you can literally piss anywhere," another who's been homeless for three years read out.

There were also some who broke down in tears as they read tweets like, “I hate the homeless, I don’t feel sorry for you,” and “I saw a homeless girl across the street. I almost vomited.”

For more information about the campaign, there is a website and more videos that tell some of the homeless people’s backstories.

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