Watch Doctors Surprise Young Cancer Patient With A "Nae Nae" Flash Mob

When 12-year-old Sophia Petikas completed her advanced proton therapy treatment, the medical staff decided to give her a big send-off.

A 12-year-old girl from Shreveport, Louisiana, got quite a send-off on the last day of her cancer radiation treatment, thanks to some kind-hearted medical staff who took it upon themselves to celebrate the milestone with an epic flash mob.

Sophia Petikas, who was being treated with advance proton radiation for the tumors on her spinal cord, had asked the medical staff to learn her favorite “Nae Nae” dance – and to her ultimate surprise, they didn’t let her down.

“They had practiced on their own time. Daniel (a radiation team member) led them in a practice and he learned the moves on YouTube,” said patient’s mother Julia Petikas.

The medics even wore Chuck Taylors in Sophia’s honor, and when they started showing off their moves, Petikas decided to join in. Watch their epic flash-mob dance in the video posted above.

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Petikas was diagnosed with scoliosis few years ago. However, when her pain got worse, an MRI revealed that she had a large tumor growing on her spinal cord.

The young girl underwent a major surgery to remove the tumor shortly after the diagnosis, but it returned to her spinal cord a year later. Although X-ray radiation is the traditional treatment for children battling cancer, the physicians decided to treat Petikas with proton therapy, as it leads to decreased radiation to the esophagus, lungs and chest.

The cancer patient began her treatment at the WK Proton Therapy Center in Louisiana, and is the first pediatric patient at the hospital which began using ProteusONE – world’s first compact pencil-beam scanning proton therapy system – in 2014.

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