Snooper Put In His Place With Perfect Text Exchange

Let this be a lesson to anyone who tries to read over your shoulder on the bus.

So many of us have been there -- you're minding your own business, texting away on the bus and you get the feeling someone is watching over your shoulder. 

How do you deal with such creepsters? Creep them right back. 

Tumblr user recently posted her perfectly timed plot against an over-the-shoulder-snooper. Revenge is a dish best served with a side of murderous plotting. 

It all started innocently, if annoyingly, enough:

And then the magic starts between the two scheming friends:


This is starting to sound like an episode of "Breaking Bad."

If we were Mr. Over-the Shoulder-Reader, we'd be moving right about now. 

Wise decision, sir. But what about government intrusion? This could present a problem. No worries, our ladies have it figured out.


Well done, ladies. Even if you got a bit creepy yourselves there at the end, it's a win for people who just want their privacy on the bus.

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