Hot Men Are Taking Over Internet With Tasks As Menial As Eating Salad

If you’re an attractive male, everything you do in public has the potential of becoming the next Instagram obsession.

Male heartthrobs are taking the social media by storm.

In past few months, the Internet’s fascination with good looking guys has increased tenfold – thanks to various cheeky Instagram accounts dedicated to the pictures of attractive men performing tasks as menial as drinking coffee and reading books.

The latest in the trend, however, is the tag of #HotGuysEatingSalad – because everything done by hot men needs to be documented.

Launched by Women’s Health in a bid to encourage people to eat more vegetables, the pictures of some fine looking men enjoying the greens have graced the Internet. Though the vision behind the whole thing is to promote a healthy lifestyle, it has ended up becoming the latest in the trend of Instagram’s hot dudes craze.

Check out some of these viral accounts below to find out what the hype is all about.

Hot Dudes Eating Salad

Apparently, nothing could make vegetables more appealing than a bunch of good-looking guys enjoying them.


Guys Reading Books On A Train

Although this trend is oddly specific to men photographed on trains or in the station, it does combine hot guys and literature in the most entertaining way.


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Hot Guys With Dogs

This is perhaps one of the most favorite things that hot guys could possibly be doing, judging by the Web's reaction. 


Men Drinking Coffee

This tag contains pictures of everyone – from male baristas to celebrities – enjoying a hot beverage.


A photo posted by M E N & C O F F E E (@menandcoffee) on


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