Houston Woman Marries Herself

When one woman couldn't find love, she decided to marry herself?

Yasmin Eleby married herself

Yasmin Eleby from Houston had a very special ceremony at the beginning of the month, when she said her vows to none other than herself.

Eleby promised herself that if she didn't fall in love with someone by the time she hit 40, she would still have her special wedding day, even if that meant getting married to herself.

Eleby had her ceremony at the Houston Museum of African American Culture. Friends and family came to attend the event. Eleby was married by her sister who is a minister, as one cannot really marry themselves. 

Woman marries herself

The CEO of HMAAC,  John Guess, Jr., came to the wedding to support Eleby. He said the HMAAC is a place where people can feel welcomed, as they do everything from same-sex marriages to now, 'self marriages'.

According to Guess, jr., Eleby is a lovely woman who is hard-working and attractive.

Eleby works abroad in the gas and oil industry and plans to take a honeymoon through Southeast Asia as well as Dubai.

If she does happen to meet the person of her dreams one day, she has not said whether or not she will divorce herself, first. 

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