The Reason You Should Be Very Careful While Using Your Cell Phones On Subways

September 01, 2014: To quote Professor Moody from Harry Potter: Constant Vigilance!

In the video above, a guy on a subway is caught on camera stealing a Smartphone from a woman sitting next to him. It was filmed on a subway in Budapest, Hungary.

Although the robbery happened in October 2012, it recently went viral after the footage was posted on social networking service Reddit.

After watching the clip, users started sharing their snatch and grab experiences and also mentioned the names of the metro stations where such incidents occur almost on a daily basis.

Here are a few:

The Red Line of the Washington DC Metro:The Red Line of the Washington DC Metro

“This happened to me on the Red Line in DC. I managed to catch up with him and get the police in time. He went away for a few years (this was in 2011ish), I got my phone back and a ride home by the police,” wrote dinklebergsquad.

The Green Line "B" Branch, Boston:The Green Line "B" Branch, Boston

lepetitfemmenoir posted that the Green B Line is the worst in Boston.

The Piccadilly line of the London Underground:

The Piccadilly line of the London Underground

Dhaadheere, a Londoner, compared his city’s Piccadilly line with the Hungarian subway in the video.

St Kilda railway line, Melbourne, Australia:

St Kilda railway line, Melbourne, Australia

Lola_Golightly posted:

“I've seen this happen on a tram in St Kilda in Melbourne. Junkie guy just grabbed the phone out of another commuters hands right as the tram doors were about to go. The guy who's phone was stolen chased him and got it back, and nothing appeared to be done, but I'm super careful now, as a friend in Melbourne also told me a story of exact same thing happening to them.”

New York City Subway:New York City Subway

And the worst-voted subway in the Reddit thread was the NYC rapid transit system.

raygan said, “I have seen this happen multiple times exactly like this on the NYC subway. To avoid, sit toward the middle of the car or look up and be aware while at stops.”

“I've seen this happen with chain snatchers in NYC. Once you know it's a thing, the thieves are pretty easy to spot. Especially when they have this guys "I need a heroin fix" look. I assume the filmer kinda knew this was about to happen, I just wish the girl had more situational awareness. Well at least she will from now on,” commented mypixelsweighaton.


Fortunately, the thief was caught, according to the Hungarian magazine HVG website. Nonetheless, the video tells us how quick an incident like this can happen, and how difficult it could be to stop the robber.

Be very, very vigilant.

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