How Would Nicolas Cage Act In A Horror Movie? (VIDEO)

Internet loves Nicolas Cage. There are multiple Cage memes, videos and blogs out there on the web that can keep you engaged and laughing for hours and hours. Various things have previously gone viral but still no one is bored or probably will ever get bored of watching funny things on Cage.

Now, a Dutch comedian’s Nicolas Cage impression from 2012 has started to trend on the internet. It demonstrates how Cage will act in a horror movie. Now you can imagine that it’s obviously going to be hilarious!

Comedian Ronald Goedemondt undoubtedly did one of the best Cage impressions ever. Some Redditors agreed that his impression was accurate and some said it could’ve been better and there were others who were just astonished by his flawless English.

The video was posted by unknown772 on Reddit has generated multiple comments. Few of them are:


Nicolas Cage sounds awfully similar to Richard Nixon.


Was not expecting perfect English


This is... perfect. In it's own strange way.


wow hes good!


You crazy Dutch bas***d!

That was inexplicably beautiful

So, do you think Nicolas Cage would act similarly in a horror movie or not. Let us know with your comments.

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