Forget Planking – The "Human Flag" Is The New Internet Fad

Fitness enthusiasts will absolutely love this new trend.

If you see more and more of your friends posting photos of themselves acting like a billowing flag on a pole, don't worry – they're just following a new Internet fad.

Although it's a fairly well known bodyweight training move, the "Human Flag" only recently became a viral trend in the United Kingdom after the country's retired rugby player, David Jackson, posted several images of himself online performing the difficult feat (pictured above).

"People have been doing the flag for years," the athlete told the Nottingham Post. "But now it's been given a name, and the pictures look cool, so its popularity has really taken off."

"It took me three months to perfect. However the first person I taught managed to pick it up in just six weeks," Jackson stated, adding he can now stay up for about 10 seconds.

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Jackson's new exercise regime has inspired a lot of people to try out the human flag position. Here are some photos of the new craze:


one man,one nation,one flag! #humanflag

A photo posted by KHAIRUL AZMAN (@kayrul4zman) on


There is also a video that demonstrates the kind of grip that is crucial to complete the move:

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A few years ago, a similar trend called planking went viral all over the Internet. However, there were a couple of nasty incidents – and even one death – when people tried to perform the stunt.

So let your exercise flag fly – just be careful about it. 

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