Human Traffic Cones Throw Commuters Into Chaos

A bachelor party with strange costumes disrupts drivers.

Drivers were confused and angry after a group of men dressed as bright orange traffic cones blocked the flow of traffic and bounced off of cars in Newquay, England.

One resident named Mike Lyon said “They went down Bank Street and prevented a lorry from passing through by acting out their cone costumes.”

The men are thought to have been tourists that had come to the seaside resort town for a bachelor party. Most people were not thrilled with their joking which, much like real safety traffic cones, resulted in delays.

“I saw these guys blocking the road, including lying in the middle of it while the other 15 or so swayed across outside Wetherspoons,” said onlooker Chris Woodfinden to the Mirror.

“I don’t think these guys [stuck] in congested traffic thought it was much fun. Neither did the door staff of Spoon who sent them packing and that was only at 5pm.”

The group was then later thrown out of the local pub Wetherspoons for unruly behavior. One resident who managed to get a kick out of the human safety cones wrote on Facebook “To be fair they were hilarious and quite polite to me when I tried to drive off.”

The town of Newquay has been having a very strange week. This recent cone chaos closely following the town’s decision to ban “mankini” bathing suits in an effort to shake off its reputation for being a bit of a wild town. This latest episode has certainly not helped with that. 

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