Human-Powered Theme Park Is Terrifying And Amazing

Watch two guys ride The Bicycle of Death. Do you have the courage to peddle your way up the incline of a roller coaster?

That's exactly what you would have to do when you visit this theme park one hour north of Venice, Italy.

Located in the Dolomite Mountains, this theme park named Ai Pioppi, or The Poplars was built by a man named Bruno who started out welding together slides and other playground structures for the neighborhood children. In 40 years, he turned it into this magnificently, harrowing adventure. 

It also goes to show how green we can get with our structures if we are just a little creative and inventive. 

The creaks of "The Bicycle of Death" would be enough to freak me out, and incidentally, the man in the video did suffer a nasty fall while in the park. He says it was his own fault, but it does highlight the likely dangers of this park. They do have first aid and medical responders on hand. YOLO though, right? 

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