'Humans Of New York' Raises $1 Million

The Humans of New York blog has raised a large donation for students.

Humans of New York blogger raises more than US$1 million

Brandon Stanton, founder of "Humans of New York', has started a campaign that has since raised $1 million for students in Brooklyn, NY.

The fundraiser has come after a student was featured in one of the Humans of New York posts, which featured a student from the Mott Hall Bridges Academy.

The student, who talked about his principal Mrs. Lopez, gained attention for his school through the blog's 11 million followers. 

The money will be used to help students at the school in Brownsville, one difficult neighborhood, to take a trip to Harvard for the school's 6th graders as well as a summer program, and a scholarship for one of the school's excellent students.

The funds were raised by over 38,000 people in amounts of $1 to $100 through Indiegogo LIfe- the highest yet.

The fundraising began January 22nd, and the amount raised keeps getting higher and higher. With the exposure Humans of New York brings upon ordinary people, this may not be the first time we see one photo leading to an amazing cause. 

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