Hundreds Send Cheer To The UK’s Loneliest Student With Christmas Cards

A Reddit campaign has inspired hundreds of people to send Christmas cards to Aron Anderson, the only boy attending school on an island of 70.

The Internet Is Coming Together to Mail Holiday Cards to "Britain's Loneliest Schoolboy"

10-year-old Aron Anderson has experienced one of the most unique childhoods imaginable—the only pupil living on an island of 70 people off the coast of Scotland, he has been dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest schoolboy.’

Anderson resides in Out Skerries, an island covering only two square miles, and attends a school in which he is the sole student taught by a single teacher. When asked about his schooling, he told The Mail, “It is quite weird sometimes – not having anyone else at school.” His situation became well-known throughout Britain, and after hearing his story, Reddit moderator BesottedScot decided to deliver the boy some much-needed holiday cheer.

He began a campaign on Reddit to send Anderson Christmas cards, urging individuals to help him feel “less lonely” and “let him know he has friends on /r/Scotland who are thinking of him this Christmas.” He suggested that they all send their cards on December 7th, so Anderson would receive an influx close to Christmas.

His campaign has gone viral and hundreds of individuals have agreed to contribute, including many teachers who have said they will get their entire classes to write cards for Anderson. BestottedScot has mentioned that he has already contacted Anderson’s school and parents to let them know what is coming.

His goal is simple: “We have 20,000 subscribers on here and if even 1% of you send a card that's 200 cards to a lonely boy to cheer his Christmas right up.”

BesottedScot’s idea is a beautiful, wonderful gift to the young boy, and an ideal way to spread some festive holiday spirit. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Q_Blanc

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