Disturbing Video Shows Hunter Forcing Dying Wolf To Pose In Kazakhstan

Various videos of animal cruelty have floated around the Internet, but this video of a hunter torturing a dying wolf is beyond appalling.

A disturbing video that surfaced on the Internet shows a grinning hunter holding onto an injured wolf by its two ears, forcing it to pose for a photograph.

The images captured in Kazakhstan document the moments the cruel hunter, who is known as Erzhan Aga, mercilessly wrestled with the animal, right before killing it.

Aga is apparently well-known in the local area as a specialist for tracking down and killing wolves and also has a license from the local authorities.

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The injured animal is seen trying to fight back and even bite the man, but to no avail. The hunter goes on grabbing it by the face and pulling it by its ears into a standing position. As the wolf battles the hunter, he is simultaneously bleeding from the bullet wounds near its hind legs.

The man smiles proudly while holding up the animal as if it were is trophy and manages to get a few pictures, after which he forces the wolf to the ground and strangles it with his bare hands.

As shocking as it may appear, animal cruelty is practiced on much wider scales in countries like China where an annual cat and dog meat festival is held. The Yulin festival involves the merciless butchering of thousands of animals as their meat is cooked up and served, or even sold raw to people.

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