It’s Not Dancing With The Stars. It’s The SF Giants Baseball Game.

Sports fans and internet trolls have a field day after watching the creative pre-game handshake between Giants players.

The scoop of the sports world is relatively less juicy than that of politics or entertainment. So when the Internet was introduced to the "macho" and "hardcore" handshake between Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, they found it to be anything but.

Pence and Sandoval did not realize that their salsa-esque, elbow tapping handshake would be subjected to so much trolling. Baseball fans expected the players to indulge in more stereo-typical, fist pumping handshakes. So were they in for a surprise when they witnessed the twirling, hip-shaking interaction between the two players.

The Internet trolls thus added their own inputs of what the handshake looked like to them.

Some compare it to an intricate ball room dance, while others think this made the players even cuter rather than exhibiting their typical macho-ism.

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