WOW. We’ve Never Been This Impressed By A Car Ad

Hyundai: The Empty Car Convoy Shows of 2015 Genesis Capabilities

Hyundai’s The Empty Car Convoy advert is as impressive as a driver-less car ad can get. Apart from the fact that the cars can function perfectly without human drivers, Hyundai really wanted their clients to know how they take the responsibility seriously and that they will go above-and-beyond to ensure the customers’ safety.

 “The Empty Car Convoy” ad, because of all of that, has gone viral and we’re not really surprised. The ad is not just impressive but the keen attention to detail it shows, deserves a round of applause.

The ad shows a bunch of unmanned 2015 Genesis sedan models cruising on a highway and just when the viewer gets used to the grand shot; the drivers start jumping off the moving cars onto an accompanying truck and the cars go an smooth as you please giving a perfect demo of Hyundai’s adaptive cruise control and lane departure systems.

 Thrilling as well as impressive!

“Of course, every technology listed above has been developed under the premise to enrich the drivers’ convenience when the driver is driving the car, but in order to maximize the impact; we have directed a driverless, self-driving situation with stunt actors involved showing surprising moments with the empty cars driving with complete self control. Hyundai Motor Company’s effort to convey the Smart Caring value through the actual product will continue on,” promises Hyundai.

“’Smart Caring’ is Hyundai’s promise for customer satisfaction,” they add. “There was only one way to demonstrate Hyundai’s caring driver assist features: put our drivers into an empty car convoy.”

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