#IamJada Fights Back Against Shaming Rape Victim

The incredible fortitude of a teenage rape survivor creates a social media storm.

The disgusting hashtag naming and shaming a 16-year-old rape victim is facing a strong backlash led, amazingly, by the survivor herself. 

Jada not only had to deal with being raped, but with watching #Jadapose, aka people reenacting a picture of her passed out post-assault, take off on social media. It's enough to send anyone into a tailspin, but this teen decided to stick up for herself instead.

#IamJada is the perfect counterpunch. It's about a young woman standing up for her right to be safe, to look her rapist and taunters in the eye and let them know she's not defeated. 

Support is coming in from all types of people: 

It's good to know so many people are supporting Jada and standing up against sexual violence. But our ultimate goal needs to be a culture that wouldn't ever accept something like #Jadapose, or sexual assault, in the first place. 

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