I Am Malala Rap A Powerful Tribute To The World's Bravest Teen (Video)

Malala, education and women's rights activist and the world's bravest teenager, inspired a powerful tribute with a rap song, "I Am Malala."

Malala Yousafzai is a young activist for education in women's rights in Afghanistan. For years, even as she started to get attention for her blog that she wrote when she was 11 and 12 about life under the Taliban rule. Malala's activism drew her unwanted attention from the Taliban, and in October 2012, she was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt. She survived, and a year later, Malala is as outspoken as ever, and an inspiration to the entire world, especially young girls like her. That's how we get to the rap song, above, going viral right now called "I Am Malala."
The rap song for a cause has become a genre unto itself, but I Am Malala stands apart for two reasons. First, it shows how Malala has inspired girls to stand up for their rights and not accept a status quo that still has women with worse standards and fewer rights than men. In some places, like the United States, equality is on the rise, but we are still fighting for equal pay for equal work. In other places, like Saudi Arabia, women show their defiance by driving a car. To everyone, Malala is an inspiration. The second reason to appreciate I Am Malala is it's actually a pretty good song. (I'm all for activist rap songs, but the quality tends to be lacking).

From I Am Malala:

i'm working on turning 'em into a reality and opening eyes
and sharing a vision with every person
who had chose to be blind
i wanna focus their minds
to show that despite we're broken inside
we can stand powerful together without a cloak or disguise
i hope in the future that I can look back
on a new generation that's peaceful
that's grateful they're equal

The title I Am Malala shows support for the courageous teen activist, but Malala has millions of people supporting her now. What she really needs is people "being" Malala by taking similar steps as her, by standing up for their rights and supporting those who live under repressive regimes. Standing with Malala is nice, but being like Malala is what changes the world.

You can support the Malala fund, which supports education, by donating here or buying I Am Malala on iTunes.

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