‘I Came By Boat’ Campaign Makes You Rethink The Way You See Refugees

Australia is attempting to change the way we view refugees, one powerful story at a time.

Australia has enacted a wonderful campaign to help change the public’s mentality about refugees—“I Came By Boat” is a series of posters that showcase the stories of refugees, as told by them, relaying how they escaped civil strife to become successful, productive members of society.

Using the crowdfunding site, Chuffed, the campaign hopes to acquire a goal of $40,000 ($55,000 in Australian currency) to help display the posters in over 400 public transport stations across Australia.

The posters depict a diverse group of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, now working in various professional fields—they aim to dismantle the public’s perception of what constitutes a refugee, which is largely limited and doesn’t reflect the multifaceted reality.

The Chuffed page states that, “we feel there is a need in Australia to shed some positive light on asylum seekers who come by boat and to highlight the social, economic and cultural diversity they bring to the country.”

Currently, three posters are being disseminated, featuring refugees from Iraq, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. The campaign hopes to cover an even broader range of individuals and bring awareness to the cause: “This campaign is just about trying to bring them closer to us, to show that they are just like us, and there's nothing to be fearful about, because they want the same things as us: Peace, and a good life, and they can make our lives better by being here,” Blanka Dudas, campaign coordinator for “I Came By Boat" told Mashable Australia.

 Social media has picked up support for the campaign, rallying to meet the funding goal.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @7piliers

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