A Deaf Father Bought Hearing Aids For Christmas, His Son Wrote Him "I Liked You Better Deaf" Hilarity Ensued


A certain gentleman on YouTube who goes by the name of DannyTheHamilton has come up with a Christmas song for his hearing-impaired father. That’s not where the story ends, but where the story begins. The father had only recently invested in hearing aids.

The song’s is titled – get this – “I Liked You Better Deaf."

Here are some of the lyrics just to give you an idea of why the song, which was posted a couple of hours ago, is doing so well on the internet:

“Living in a nightmare, why it’s every son’s worst fear

To have a dad forever clad with supersonic ears

And I don’t mean to tell you that I love you any less

But there’s no doubt about it that I liked you better deaf…”

Redditors love the song. Have a look at some of the comments:

Beautiful song, sentiment and voice. I can absolutely relate and am sharing with my mom who had to "put in her ears" when I called her this morning.

When my dad was alive, before he got his hearing aids had deafness in the exact range where I naturally speak, so I definitely got away with a lot of mixed message that he smiled and nodded about.

Thanks for the smile.”

“That was fantastic. Tell your brother he's got an awesome voice.

This gave me that 'Going to be on the Today Show' vibe, too.”

“Great song. Funny without being cruel, which is hard to do well. The lyrics made me smile throughout and he's doing some fun stuff with chord structure and rhythm here. “

I have an extremely short attention span with most videos and turn them off almost immediately after starting them but- this had me laughing the whole way through! Talented and handsome, that brother of yours! Tell him to keep it up.”

Check out the whole performance in the video above.

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