OK Go Amazes Fans With Yet Another Masterpiece Video

October 28, 2014: OK Go does it again. Over the years, alternative rock band OK Go has carved out a niche for themselves with their intricately choreographed and incredibly innovative music videos.

With their iconic treadmill dance and the Rube Goldberg machine, it seemed unlikely that the band could up their game.

But they did.

The latest video, which looks like it’s done in one take, is shot on a drone-mounted camera. It starts out with the band dancing around in what looks like a warehouse on electric unicycles.

As they scoot outside, the choreography becomes even more spectacular when hundreds of women with colorful umbrellas create a beautiful kaleidoscopic illusion.

Harley Brown of Billboard, who spoke to the band and Japanese director Morihiro Harano, reported that the entire video was indeed done in one continuous shoot, and that the final version was wrapped after 50 to 60 tries.

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Another interesting thing about the latest release is the fact that it was filmed in Japan – since drone laws in the United States are a little more than complicated.

While recreational use of the  gadget is allowed, the Federal Aviation Administration requires a permit to use drones for commercial purposes – which is a tricky process in itself. New and more accommodating regulations are expected to be announced next year.

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