Anti-Choice Republican Surprised To Learn Women's Uteruses Aren't Connected To Their Stomachs

Somebody wasn’t clear with Vito Barbieri about the birds and the bees.

abortion lawsIdaho lawmaker asks if woman can swallow camera for gynecological exam before medical abortion

While discussing a bill that would restrict women getting abortion induced drugs prescribed through telemedicine, Idaho Representative Republican Vito Barbieri asked a rather stupid question about female anatomy.

Dr. Julie Madsen, who opposed the bill at the House State Affairs Committee, was describing the procedure that follows a telemedicine colonoscopy, which allows for an internal examination to be done by swallowing a tiny camera, when Barbieri asked a rather unusual question.

“Can this same procedure then be done in a pregnancy? Swallowing a camera and helping the doctor determine what the situation is?” he asked.

Though most people would respond with a facepalm gesture, Dr. Madsen explained matter-of-factly that this was not possible because what is swallowed goes down the digestive tract, and not a woman’s reproductive system. 

Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Clearly Doesn't Understand Female Anatomy

Somebody immediately laughed out loud, at which point Barbieri wrapped it up. “Fascinating. That makes sense," he said.

Later on, he gave an interview about the matter, saying that he meant the question rhetorically.

Nonetheless, the Internet trolls did not forgive him for his “rhetorical” question and thought it would be a good idea to update his Wikipedia page. 

Idaho Lawmaker Is Completely Oblivious To The Female Anatomy

The bill was passed by a majority vote, and will be further discussed on the state House floor.

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